Multi-Bag Filter Housing (GMBV-ASME Series)


-Designed for petrochemicals and coating industry filtration applications
-Designed according to ASME VIII-1,”U”,”UM” stamp or not
-Ellipsoidal lid with swing bolts closure
-Bottom in and bottom out
-Davit arm-aided lid lift make bag change-outs easier-Equipped with mounting legs and SS strainer baskets
- Standard finish with glass bead
- Bag Qty:4,6,8,12
-Bag Size:#1,#2
标准项目Standard Spec.Item
最大工作压力 Max. Working Pressure  
150Psi (10bar)
最大设计温度 Max. Design Temperature
250°F (120°C)
制造材料 Material
Stainless steel 304 / 316L ,Optional:carbon steel
密封圈 Shell 0-ring/ Seal
Standard is BUNA; Available in EPDM, Viton, PTFE, Silicon
进出口 Inlet/Outlet    
Standard is RF Flange
排气口 Vent Port  
压力表口 Gauge Port
排污口 Drain Port